City of Granbury professionals are beginning rehabilitation work on the front porch of the Nutt-Walley House at Lambert Branch Park—see photo! Preserve Granbury donated $4,666 in 2010 to the City of Granbury for use in rehabbing the historic houses at the park. An additional $9,334 of Preserve Granbury’s original $14,000 pledge will be forwarded to the city for work on the historic buildings at the park.

Preserve Granbury consulted on new large turned-porch posts for the Nutt-Walley House that closely resemble the removed posts, which had rotted. Once the porch on the Nutt-Walley House is completed, city staff workers will demolish the non-historic addition to the smaller Walker House. Then, a foundation company will come in and build new foundations featuring spread footings and concrete masonry unit piers and level the houses.

Preserve Granbury met with the city and agreed upon stacked limestone rock foundation skirting, which is seen on simpler old houses throughout Hood County. Once the foundations are complete, city staff will begin restoration of the front porch on the smaller Walker House, preserving as much as possible of its historic Eastlake trim and other original architectural features.

After the porch on the Walker House is completed, work will begin on new roofs for both houses after available funding is assessed. City staff hopes to have the buildings leveled and protected from elements by the end of 2013.